WATCH: Steph Curry Trick Shot Video Goes Viral

Steph Curry, a prominent player for the Golden State Warriors, is well-known for his prowess on the basketball court, but he is also an accomplished golfer. Curry greatly enjoys the game and frequently plays on various golf courses in the off-season. He just received the PGA’s Ambassador of Golf Award.

Curry enjoys his time on the golf course, but he doesn’t always completely forget about basketball there. The Warriors star can be seen practicing a trick shot on the golf course and shooting a long shot over a group of golf enthusiasts in a new video that is going viral.

Unsurprisingly, Curry was successful on his first attempt at this trick shot. Curry, the best shooter in NBA history, has an outstanding collection of trick shots because some of his best shooting performances have occurred outside of competitive settings.

Curry will begin his pregame warmup routine near the free throw line and gradually advance with each shot until he is swishing shots from the middle of the court. Before the game even begins, fans are in awe of Curry because he consistently performs this without missing a single shot.

Additionally, a phony video of Curry practicing one-handed full-court shots went viral last year. However, the fact that some people thought it was even conceivable speaks to Curry’s skill.






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