Chris Paul Compares Draymond Green to NBA Legend

Chris Paul has engaged in conflict with the Golden State Warriors on several occasions. Including his tenure with Lob City, the Houston Rockets, and even a few brief stints with the Phoenix Suns. Paul thinks his new teammates have a great deal of respect for one another after so many confrontations.

After so many confrontations, Chris Paul expressed to the Warriors’ media his appreciation for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

When you compete in that way against males, there is always respect there as well, Paul stated. Fans constantly want insight, of course… For all those years that I would be chasing Steph, Klay would be watching over me. There is respect there since Klay and I converse when we play.

Chris Paul was much more respectful of Draymond Green when it came to him. Paul said that he sees Draymond Green the same way he does Kevin Garnett, the player he most desires to play alongside.

Paul stated, “I always say when people ask me who is one player I wish I had played with, I always say Kevin Garnett. I think Draymond is kind of like that.” “It’s because the first three times I faced KG, we both received double technical fouls.

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He and I were often on the verge of a fight because of our similar outlooks. That, in my opinion, is how Draymond operates. It will undoubtedly be amazing to see him compete because I know he does.

While there will never be another player like Kevin Garnett, who played with more fervor than nearly anyone in basketball history, Draymond Green is his contemporary.





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