Steph Curry could have new role in Warriors Team

Chris Paul was just acquired by the Golden State Warriors from the Washington Wizards in a deal. Golden State’s squad will only get better with the addition of another seasoned guard who can contribute both offensively and strategically. The management of the Warriors rotation by Steve Kerr for the upcoming season has come under scrutiny as a result of Paul’s acquisition, though.

In order to give Paul a chance to start for Golden State, the Warriors should think about benching Steph Curry, according to Matt Steinmetz, who was speaking on 95.7 The Game.

Bay Area, I’m sorry. What did you see float across my dome? What if Steph Curry coming off the bench is the best thing for the team? That would be awesome, Steinmetz posed. “He (Paul) would immediately get Klay moving. He would immediately get Wiggins moving. He then performs for six minutes.

Curry is about to start his 35th season. Paul is starting his 38th election campaign. It makes little sense to replace the younger All-Star with the older All-Star. Indeed, Paul is a special playmaker who makes others around him better. The Warriors’ bench, however, is in need of Paul’s wizardry. Due to a dearth of playmakers in their second unit, the Warriors have suffered lately when Curry is out.

Paul was added to Golden State to address their playmaking issues in the second unit. However, the seasoned guard recently disclosed that he has not yet spoken with Kerr about his position for the upcoming season.

You understand what I mean when I say, “I don’t know what the situation will be yet. So, once we start, I believe that’ll be for us to sort out,” Paul remarked at a press conference while at Summer League. “We’ll have a discussion about it when camp starts or something like that.

But even if Steve and I have spoken, you wouldn’t be like, “What up, man?” about it. Are you beginning or are you a substitute? You get what I’m saying? Therefore, I believe we’ll resolve all of it in camp.

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If everyone is healthy, there is no reason for Paul to be in Golden State’s starting lineup in the upcoming campaign. Instead, the Warriors should consider using Paul as their sixth player, as doing so will help the team’s chances of contending for another title with their current starting lineup.





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