NBA star shared incredible story about guarding Steph Curry

Jeff Teague, a former NBA great, told a remarkable tale about guarding Steph Curry during a practice match in China during a recent episode of the Club 520 Podcast.

“I wasn’t trying to get embarrassed,” Teague said when discussing his defensive effort. “There’s 100,000 people in the stands in China. So I’m like, ‘F–k that, he ain’t about to kill me.’ But I swear to you, I never played this hard. Thibs after the game came to me and said that’s the best defense I’ve ever played. Steph Curry had 44. He hit every shot, bro. He hit every shot. I contested every one, bro.”

There are so many guys who have stories about Curry that are similar to this because there is nothing a defense can do when he enters that mentality. Curry was putting on a show for the Chinese spectators and was unmoved by Teague’s aggressive defense, which subsequently made for a fantastic tale.

Teague further insulted Curry by making a joke about him performing his signature shimmy celebration. This is also why playing against Curry can be so difficult because not only will he dominate, but he does so with such relish that it seems effortless. This reality is one that countless guards from the previous decade are all too familiar with, and Teague discussed his own experience in one of his most recent podcast episodes.





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