NBA Star Reveals Incredible Story About Steve Kerr

Tyrese Haliburton, a standout with the Indiana Pacers, has taken a lot of heat for his shooting technique ever since entering the NBA. Haliburton is grateful that he didn’t alter his shooting technique despite the widespread belief that he should have done so. He is now a certified star with a maximum deal.

Haliburton revealed that Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was one of just a handful of coaches who had confidence in his ability before the draft during a recent episode of Podcast P, which is run by Wave Sports and Entertainment:

Haliburton disclosed that Kerr instructed his coach with the Sacramento Kings at the time, Luke Walton, not to interfere with his shot. Haliburton claims that throughout the pre-draft process, Kerr and the Warriors highly liked him, but he ultimately signed with the Kings. Naturally, Walton had previously worked as Kerr’s assistant coach with the Warriors, so the link was already established.

Haliburton appreciates Steve Kerr’s early confidence and his support as he now plays at a maximum level for the Pacers. Few people thought Haliburton’s shot mechanics could be sustained, but Kerr played a crucial role in enabling the rookie guard to succeed in his own way. The Kings might not have made the playoffs if Kerr hadn’t given Walton the information.

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Haliburton is grateful for Coach Kerr’s support, despite the fact that he never played for him.





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