Why Draymond hid concussion from Warriors during historic season

Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green joined LA Clippers star Paul George for a lengthy talk on a recent episode of Podcast P, which is put on by Wave Sports and Entertainment. The two discussed a variety of subjects, such as Green’s concealed injury from Golden State’s unprecedented 73-9 season.

Green recalled being struck in the head by Joe Ingles while pursuing a lost ball and falling to the ground. “I was as concussed as hell, and there may only be five games left in the season.” I can’t reveal anything since we can lose the record if I miss any of these games. We must get this album. So I simply finished it.

Green claimed that despite playing with a concussion he was certain he had one. The Warriors star said that despite facing many challenges during that season, he and his teammates were focused on breaking the previous record for most victories in a calendar year.

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Green acknowledged that even though the Warriors were focused on breaking that record, it might not have been worthwhile to risk further damage. Green thinks the squad may have overexerted itself in some respects by striving for the regular season record, especially after their Finals collapse.

Green said, “I was definitely concussed, but I refused. “I respond, ‘No, we’re getting these 73 games.’ We succeeded, but at what cost? Wow, that was an amazing feat when I think back on it. I might respond, “No, I’m cool,” if you told me today that [we] can win 73 games next year and actually complete the deal and win a championship.





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