Steph Curry’s hilarious Draymond Green joke goes viral

Steph Curry and Draymond Green, teammates for the Golden State Warriors, recently played golf together, and Curry’s joking dig at Green has gone viral. Curry joked with his colleague that he should teach Green proper golf conduct because he doesn’t want to commit any technical fouls on the course:

Green consistently ranks among the NBA’s leaders in technical fouls and was forced to sit out a game last season after accruing more than the allowed number. While Green’s enthusiasm also makes him who he is and explains why he has been able to anchor this Golden State squad for so long, technical fouls can occasionally cost the Warriors.

Green committed to a four-year, $100M agreement to remain with the Warriors when free agency began on Friday, and both he and the team are happy about the decision. For the last year of his deal, Green has a player option, giving him more control over how his career will end.

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Over the years, Curry has been a vocal supporter of Green, and he is happy that Golden State was able to retain their core group intact. Golden State has won four titles in the past ten years, and they still think they can contend for more. Re-signing Green was their first step in that direction as they attempt to recover from their disappointing second-round elimination.





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