What Warriors’ free-agency mindset says about their team

The ever-so-rash Jordan Poole was traded by the Golden State Warriors for one of the court’s most composed players, Chris Paul, in their first significant offseason transaction.

The organization’s dedication to Stephen Curry’s timeline is strengthened by first-year general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr.’s choice to trade away a 24-year-old with electrifying offensive potential for a 38-year-old aging great.

According to head coach Steve Kerr, “We sensed we needed a shift,” Tim Kawakami of The Athletic reported. And it appears that we changed significantly while maintaining our identity and feeling of who we are as a group.

Poole’s departure and Draymond Green’s re-signing (for four years and $100 million) mark the conclusion of owner Joe Lacob’s controversial two-timeline strategy.

Turnovers have plagued Golden State throughout its dynastic era, and last year they amounted to an insurmountable challenge. In terms of total turnovers from the previous season, Poole (No. 4; 252) and Draymond Green (No. 15; 204) both placed among the top 15. Only behind the Houston Rockets in terms of team turnover average per game (16), Golden State was second.

Paul and former Detroit Piston point guard Cory Joseph, who agreed to a one-year contract, were two of the top ball handlers last season. With a 4.8 assist-to-turnover ratio, CP3 was No. 4 last season, and Joseph was No. 9.

Joseph “profiles as an unspectacular but reliable fourth guard who can shoulder an added minutes burden on some nights,” according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. That will be helpful.

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Golden State has become more shrewd, and Kerr will have a lot less trouble dealing with these two nearby guards.

The Warriors have made a quick effort to turn their roster into a more intelligent and reliable one than they were the previous year.

There is, however, one apparent gap that needs to be filled. The Warriors roster doesn’t offer a good enough matchup given the resurgence of big players in the league. They are still lacking a 6-foot-9-inch or taller athlete. A solution needs to be found before the premiere.





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