Damian Lillard had interest in Warriors before they made a move

Damian Lillard has made it obvious that he wants to play for the Miami Heat, but it appears that earlier in the offseason, at least one other team was interested in signing him.

Ramona Shelburne, an ESPN insider, spoke about the Lillard situation on Wednesday’s “Willard & Dibs” episode of 95.7 The Game. If the Golden State Warriors hadn’t traded for Chris Paul, according to Shelburne, Lillard would have been available to them.

Lillard hails from Oakland, Calif., as Shelburne has already stated. He also wants to be a title contender, and for many years the Warriors have excelled at achieving just that. It is conceivable that Lillard would have accepted the opportunity to represent Golden State.

Of course, Paul was a lot less expensive than Lillard would have been, so it’s doubtful that the Warriors would have agreed to the Portland Trail Blazers’ asking price.

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According to numerous reports, Lillard is still intent on getting to the Heat. Even now, his agent is making every effort to deter potential suitor teams.






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