Warriors are not addressing major issues with offseason moves

On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors made their first free agent acquisition from a rival team when they signed veteran point-guard Cory Joseph, who will serve as their 12th player under contract for the next season.

Joseph’s one-year, minimum contract gives the Warriors a third point-guard to complement Chris Paul and Stephen Curry. It also shows that Golden State is trying to make up for one of their main problems this season.

The Golden State Warriors’ top office is unmistakably emphasizing the need to fix the team’s serious turnover problems in 2022–2023

Even while the Warriors’ high-motion offense under Steve Kerr might appear stunning when everything is going well, it has always been prone to a variety of turnovers. However, after a dismal second-round loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr and his squad were left to regret the turnover problems, which reached a new level in 2022–23.

This season, Golden State had 16.3 turnovers per game, which was the most in the NBA. Only three of the top ten teams in turnovers, including the Warriors, made the playoffs. The fourth-most turnovers in the league were committed by Jordan Poole, and Draymond.

Aside from the players’ contracts, it is obvious that the Warriors’ desire to feel safer and more comfortable while Curry is off the court led them to trade Poole for Paul on draft day.

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Golden State traded for a veteran who will go down as one of the greatest playmakers in NBA history in exchange for a rookie guard who was thrilling but prone to errors. Although Joseph isn’t of Paul’s caliber and isn’t anticipated to have the same kind of impact, the Warriors’ desire for a more effective offense remains.

Paul and Joseph provide Golden State their fourth and eighth-ranked assist-to-turnover ratio players from this season (minimum 200 assists) respectively. They now have three of the top eight players in that area after adding Kevon Looney.

The Warriors tried to keep Ty Jerome before he left for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday for this reason, among others. Due to his steady presence for Kerr, the 25-year-old received extensive playing time on a two-way contract, compiling a respectable 4.5 assists-to-turnover ratio in his 45 games.

Joseph was a reasonable option for Jerome as another reliable player to lead the offense if Curry and Paul aren’t available. Although Joseph may not be the most exciting addition, it was a slow start to free agency, and Mike Dunleavy Jr. should be commended for setting a clear course.


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