Stephen Curry finally reacts to Warriors trading Jordan Poole

Steph Curry, a standout for the Golden State Warriors, was recently questioned by Anthony Slater of The Athletic about his team trading for Chris Paul. Curry reportedly said the following, as quoted in Slater’s article:

“The business is crazy. We all know that. If you asked us six months ago if this was something that could happen, the answer probably would’ve been no just based on where we were. Then you get to the summer and are trying to find ways to get better and put yourself in position to chase another championship. Every team that CP has been on gets better. That’s the most consistent thing on him and who he is and what he brings to the team. Everybody’s going to talk about the age. It’s on us to put that all together and figure out how all the pieces work.”

Curry also brought about Jordan Poole’s passing, saying it’s difficult to lose someone of that caliber but that he also knows Paul will support the Warriors in their victory:

“You hate losing JP. I know it’s not all the way official yet. So I don’t want to talk too much before it is. But that’s the tough part of the business, seeing a young guy come into his own (and then get traded). It’s a great opportunity for him. It’s just you get to know someone like that, build a friendship, build a bond. It’s tough to see him go. But, you know, we’re trying to win next year and CP can help us do that.”

The Warriors made a crazy move, but Curry appears to support it.





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