Stephen Curry unveils final trailer for upcoming ‘Underrated’ film

On July 21, Stephen Curry, a member of the Golden State Warriors, will release his documentary Underrated. He and his group shared the film’s final trailer on Monday morning via his Twitter account.

“That’s when I really started to understand…Since I’m unique.

Curry says that he reached a moment in the trailer where he realized he was “different,” which is a great hook at around the 20-second mark. It appears that Stephen Curry’s entire basketball career and how he become one of the best guards of all time will be covered in The Underrated Film.

The Warriors’ offseason will be significant because of the departure of former president Bob Myers, as well as important trade and free agency decisions. New General Manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. has already made one significant trade, sending veteran point player Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Jordan Poole.

The Warriors are going to do all in their power to keep Draymond Green, as seen by the trade of Jordan Poole. Eliminating Poole is a sign of confidence for Green because Golden State prefers him because the rivalry between Green and Poole was well-documented during the entire previous season.


Curry will probably be concentrating on the premiere of his movie no matter what occurs during the remaining NBA offseason. He can only continue to be exactly who he is at this stage for the Warriors. To see how amazing Stephen Curry has been, see the movie Underrated later this summer.





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