Victor Wembanyama shares high praise for Stephen Curry

The San Antonio Spurs can now officially claim Victor Wembanyama as a player. Wembanyama’s NBA career began on Thursday night when he was selected first overall. Wembanyama, who has been the center of attention for a time, is accustomed to media attention and did an excellent job fielding questions after his huge night.

When asked lately about his all-time starting five who could save the world, Wembanyama listed Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, and Shaquille O’Neal as his choices.

Wembanyama gave Curry high respect by choosing him as his point guard for this lineup instead of Magic Johnson or any of the other great point guards in league history. Curry is generally regarded as being at least the second-best point guard of all time at this point, with many feeling he has already cemented his status as the greatest player to ever play that position.

Wembanyama’s humility throughout this entire process has been equally impressive as his talent on the court. When asked why he did not start himself, the Spurs star responded that he has not yet demonstrated anything.

Wembanyama promises to be a talent beyond anything the NBA has ever seen before, so it’s understandable that the Spurs are ecstatic about the chance to choose and center their team around him. Although there are enormous expectations, Wembanyama is prepared for them.





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