Draymond’s quote on CP3 relationship resurfaces after trade

NBA The friendship between Draymond Green and Chris Paul was quickly brought up on Twitter.

A video of Green’s participation on the “All the Smoke” podcast from April 2020 went viral on Twitter shortly after the Warriors acquired the 38-year-old future Hall of Famer in a deal.

Green said to podcast producers Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and former teammates, “I don’t like CP at all, we don’t have a good relationship at all.” But I like his work ethic and IQ; he is really intelligent.

It’s crucial to note that Green provided his remark in response to Barnes’ question on the Los Angeles Clippers-Warriors rivalry in the middle of the 2010s, which coincided with the moment Green realized Steph Curry would go on to become an NBA legend.

And as you grow older in this league, you start to understand, ‘OK, this guy is coming.’ And CP saw Steph coming up. He might catch me eventually because I’m going to start slipping at some time,’ Green said. Therefore, I could kind of picture CP restraining Steph while simultaneously giving him the f–king stiff arm.

The feisty coach of the Warriors continued, saying that despite his admiration for Curry, he recognizes that it is not in the character of his teammate to use words as weapons. Instead, Curry lets his performance on the court speak for itself, which frequently says more than words.

Green took the reins and emerged as a strong voice of leadership to help the Warriors defeat the Clippers in each of their several encounters.

And so, Green added, “I took it upon myself to try to create f–king division there because I knew, if we wanted to win, we had to f–king go through them. “And if we wanted to get through them, we can’t deal with him keeping you at bay.”

As they say, the rest is history.

Curry, Green, Klay Thompson, and head coach Steve Kerr led Golden State to four championships. While Los Angeles continues to pursue their goal of winning their first NBA championship, this time with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, after quickly disbanding their core of Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan.

Following the announcement of the deal, Paul claimed to have spoken with Curry for a brief period of time and learned that Curry is “excited” to assist the Warriors in their pursuit of a second title.


Warriors supporters are hopeful that Green and Paul’s friendship has improved in the three years since the release of that particular episode, since a new era appears to be in store for Paul and Golden State.

If not, everything between the two fiery personalities will be covered on NBA Twitter.





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