Incredible story from Scott Henderson’s workout with Stephen Curry

NBA Draft hopeful Scott Henderson has been working out with Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. The two have been fostering their relationship during this pre-draft process and just announced their mentorship and strategic alliance.

Curry’s coach Brandon Payne shared a remarkable tale about one of these practices with Henderson and Curry during a recent podcast episode, saying:

“Mr. Curry hadn’t touched a basketball in about four weeks, and he decided to rattle off 60 in a row in one drill, and Scoot’s eyes got about this big… I had to keep telling him don’t worry this isn’t normal, this is not normal.”

There are so many amazing tales about how unusual Curry’s exercises really are. Curry frequently astounds people with what he can accomplish in a workout, which is equally impressive as what he can do in games, whether it be his extraordinary level of conditioning or his unmatched shooting skill.

With the Charlotte Hornets having the second pick and the Portland Trail Blazers holding the third choice in the 2018 NBA Draft, Henderson is predicted to go either second or third. Numerous rumors have been circulating around Portland and their apparent desire to trade that third pick for a win-now player to play alongside to Damian Lillard, but there have also been numerous conflicting stories regarding what Portland genuinely intends to do with that important asset.





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