Jordan Poole had savage reaction to trade

Jordan Poole is severing all relations with Draymond Green without delay.

Poole was part of a huge transaction featuring Chris Paul that the Golden State Warriors made with the Washington Wizards on Thursday. Fans soon observed that Green had stopped being followed by Poole on Instagram after the agreement was reached.

For what it’s worth, Green was still pursuing Poole as of Friday morning.

Of course, Green punched Poole in the face during a workout in October of last year. The event led to the disclosure of a video, which greatly heightened the animosity among the Warriors.


Poole made it apparent last month that his relationship with Green was not good even though both he and Green publicly stated that they had moved on and were focused on winning.

Although it’s likely that the 24-year-old Poole won’t win any championships in Washington, it’s safe to assume that he’s relieved to not have to share a locker room with Green.





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