Warriors Named Prime Landing Spot for Heat Vet in Free Agency

There is little doubt that the Golden State Warriors will make some roster changes now that the NBA offseason has begun. The key is deciding whether the Dubs will part with any of their more expensive contracts or keep their core together while bringing in one or two standout role players.

Golden State might sell “anyone” outside superstar Steph Curry, according to Anthony Slater’s June 12 article in The Athletic, but the Warriors have “no plan for a salary dump trade this summer.” The team’s most likely course of action will be to sign some affordable free agents who could make a big difference.

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Greg Swartz wrote about the one need each team can fill in free agency this summer in his Bleacher Report column on June 11. When it came to the Warriors, he emphasized the need to acquire more affordable depth players, noting that Miami Heat veteran Kevin Love, who is a free agent, might be the perfect addition.

For the Warriors, Kevin Love would make a reliable backup big

Although the Miami Heat lost to the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals, Love was one of many important role players who enabled the club to advance as far as it did. Love joined Miami through the buyout market in the spring, and during the regular season, he started 17 games and participated in 21 others.

In 20 minutes a game this season, he contributed 7.7 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 1.9 assists for Miami (numbers from Basketball Reference), and his outlet passes against the New York Knicks in the playoffs sparked the Heat.

Due to their accessibility, Love, Nuggets center/forward Jeff Green, or Indiana Pacers center George Hill, according to Swartz, might be potential targets for the Dubs.

In order to sell players on the possibility to win a championship rather than making money elsewhere, Golden State will need to find additional aid who will agree to play for the veteran’s minimum, Swartz wrote. This refers to veterans who are reaching the conclusion of their careers but who can still contribute during the postseason if necessary. If they’re prepared to forego compensation, players like Green, Love, and Hill would all match this description.





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