Stephen Curry surprises Oakland middle school with Meals, Books & Soccer Drills

California’s OAKLAND (KGO) Stephen Curry, a four-time NBA champion and philanthropist from the Bay Area, was waiting inside the Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation bus when it pulled up to Oakland’s Elmhurst United Middle School.

Curry greeted the children and posed with them in the group photo as he opened the bus door. Curry was prepared to welcome a group from the Oakland Genesis Soccer Club after the children’s initial fright subsided.

“Bringing the ELP (Eat.Learn.Play.) bus out, they (CarMax) is helping sponsor this where we can continue to give kids excitement, inspiration and resources,” said Curry.

Curry assisted in distributing food, literature, and school supplies as part of the fun day organized by the foundation in collaboration with CarMax. The Warriors star then participated in drills as a referee and even played goalie on the soccer pitch as several young people attempted penalty kicks.

Children were allowed to join in the soccer practice with one of the NBA’s top players during Curry’s day in Oakland, which centered on the foundation’s “Play” pillar. Curry was active as a young child, participating in a variety of sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, emphasizing the value of activity for kids.

“Healthy active lifestyles are huge for kids just to have a solid balance and to find their true inner child,” Curry said. “It’s just about self-discovery, I was fortunate enough I didn’t have to worry about where to go to shoot hoops or find kids my age to throw the football around or play baseball. You realize how much you learn in those environments and every kid deserves that.”

In Oakland, Stephen and his wife Ayesha’s foundation has dedicated itself to the cause over the past four years by updating playgrounds, assisting with programs that provide helpful coaching, and providing nourishing meals and reading materials.

Such one-on-one interactions are important to Curry, a champion and three-time parent, and he enjoyed playing soccer and answering their questions with the 40 Oakland Genesis Soccer Club children.

“I’m never too removed from those moments and just the fact that whether it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes that you spent with a kid it can change something in their lives. Whether they feel seen, whether they’ve been down and needed a little excitement in their lives or the inspiration of maybe they found something they see in me and just be able to lock eyes with them or shake their hand or give them a high five or whatever the case is, it could lift them up,” said Curry.

One of many events scheduled by the Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation to close off 2023 is the one taking place this week in Oakland. Numerous activities will take place, including as the team’s annual golf outing with Workday and Christmas with the Currys.

“I think me and Ayesha are extremely proud of just the scale of work we’ve been able to do coming up on four years of being in existence,” Curry said.

Curry praised his team, especially CEO Chris Helfrich, as well as the entire organization for having the same objective of improving Oakland and the Bay Area as a whole.

“I think what we are most proud of is just staying true to who we are and what we are doing across those three pillars,” Curry said. “We’ve identified what we do and we want to do it extremely well and know it’s going to continue to change lives.”





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