Golden State Warriors work out New player

The Golden State Warriors are still evaluating new players as part of their summer tour. Dereck Lively II, a player from Duke, is the most recent.

The Golden State Warriors will work out Dereck Lively II on Monday, according to a report from Jason Dumas.

For Duke last season, Lively, a 7-foot-1 center, averaged 5.2 points and 5.4 rebounds on 66% shooting. Although his statistics don’t immediately stand out, the Warriors might be able to use him as a defensive big in the upcoming campaign. Looney wouldn’t be giving Lively any playing time in any form, but he might be a great defensive anchor mentor to him.

The Warriors have already worked out a large number of players this off-season and will probably continue to do so. The crew is caught between running it back and upgrading, which is a very fascinating issue.

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Analysis of Golden State’s home and away record splits is complicated by the fact that no previous championship team in NBA history had them. They appeared to be serious title candidates on some days, while on other days they didn’t even resemble a play-in squad.

For the Golden State Warriors, the offseason will be long and full with difficult choices. As has been previously stated, those difficult choices will begin at the NBA Draft.





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