Ayesha Curry reveals major regret that still haunts her

Riley Curry, Steph Curry’s daughter, shot to fame on social media when she made her public debut at a Steph Curry news conference. Everyone adored her and wished to see more of her, which the Currys happily provided. Riley Curry consistently dominated post-game press conferences.

Now it appears that Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha would prefer if his social media visibility were lessened. Ayesha admitted during an interview with Insider that she sincerely regrets how much Riley was exposed to the social media realm.

No one anticipated the growth of social media when it first began, according to Curry. “I don’t think we would have done it if we had known how crazy it would make life back then. But back then, we were just truly living our lives. And we believed, “This is our child.” Our young child is coming along.

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Ayesha is absolutely correct when she says that social media can be a terrifying place. Any person can have a hater just because they exist, without rhyme or reason. It is the kind of judgment that no youngster ought to experience.

Where is the happy medium where we can be strict while also giving our children opportunities to live? Curry uttered. “We’re attempting to identify that equilibrium. Just sort of pick things up as you go, right?

No one before the current generation has ever experienced the digital era. Trials and tribulations abound, but everyone—including the Currys—is simply learning as they go.





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