Draymond Green Reveals Similarity Between Steph Curry and Nikola Jokic

The top NBA players stand out from the rest of the field in part due to how difficult it is to defend them. There are many outstanding NBA players who are difficult to stop, but who might have a flaw that might be used against them in a playoff situation, lowering their potential.

This is frequently what distinguishes individuals who succeed from those who fail. This is one of the similarities between Steph Curry and Nikola Jokic, according to Draymond Green.

Green emphasized a stretch of the game when the Miami Heat switched to a zone defense in his analysis of the Miami Heat’s defensive approach in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. At the NBA level, it’s a typical adjustment that frequently messes with the opposition’s offensive flow.

Together with Steph Curry, Nikola Jokic stands out for their unique ability to counter zone defenses. No one else can do it like them.

As Green outlined, Jokic’s unrivaled playmaking skill allows him to exploit zone defenses. Denver can make a play for themselves or others if Jokic receives the ball since he can see the entire court better than anybody else.

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Curry’s range and shooting prowess are zone-proof due to his ability to easily draw up from any location. Curry and Jokic are the two best players versus a zone, according to Green, who provided a really fascinating breakdown of the situation.

Draymond Green emphasized this similarities between Steph Curry and Nikola Jokic, despite the fact that the two superstars accomplish their goals in various ways.






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