NBA Analyst Shares Harsh Truth Warriors Must Accept

NBA analyst Brian Windhorst thinks 48-year-old executive Bob Myers is leaving his position with the Golden State Warriors rather than retiring, but rather leaving what might be a challenging future in Golden State.

Myers is walking off the stage, not retiring, according to Windhorst. But it’s also about what it means for the future because one of four players who is vital to the Warriors’ success is either nearing the conclusion of his contract or has one year left and is under pressure to sign an extension.

Regarding the contract issues at Golden State, which he feels contributed to Myers’ resignation, Windhorst said the following:

“Draymond Green has a contract option out that he can take by the end of June, which there is a large expectation he will do. Then you have Steve Kerr entering the final year of his contract. They couldn’t get an extension done with Bob Myers, he ended up being a free agent and left, what about Kerr? And then, Klay Thompson entering the last year of his contract. It is clear that he would like an extension. What do they do there? This is the thing, this team is very mature. They are a decade into this run and most importantly, they are outrageously expensive. They are headed for a payroll this year, if Draymond Green re-signs to a reasonable number, approaching $500 million, and I’m not sure that this is a $500 million team that just finished in sixth place and got knocked out in the second round.

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All of this, in Windhorst’s opinion, had to have played a part in Bob Myers’ decision to quit the Warriors.





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