This $2.76 Trillion Company Helped Ayesha and Stephen Curry With Their Kids

Both Ayesha and Stephen Curry have full-time jobs. They make every effort to be with their children as much as they can. Stephen is a four-time NBA champion, while Ayesha is a cookbook author, TV personality, and businesswoman. They are both accomplished in their own right. But they are also well aware of the risks associated with fame and riches, and they want to give their children a regular life. Stephen and Ayesha have historically been very stringent about not allowing phones in their children’s rooms. Recent events, though, have compelled them to compromise. Ayesha Curry addressed the preventative measures she and Steph are taking to protect their children in an Insider interview.

Stephen and Ayesha are anxious about the latest wave of school shootings in the United States in addition to their worries about screen time and achievement. In case of an emergency, they want to be able to contact their children. They think they have the answer in a product made by Apple, a $2.76 trillion firm.

Although Ayesha and Stephen Curry don’t want their children to use social media or phones, they still want to be able to communicate with them.

The Apple Watch is a decent trade-off. It enables Stephen and Ayesha to communicate with their children without preventing them from having full internet access. Additionally, Stephen and Ayesha can always know where their children are thanks to the Apple Watch’s integrated GPS.

Ayesha and Stephen Curry want their kids to grow up normally, and they think that spending too much time on screens can be detrimental. They desire everyday communication with their children but do not want them to have access to social media or phones.

Ayesha Curry stated, “We don’t want them to be on their phones all the time. “We want them to still be kids.”

We won’t place them in a position where they’ll feel overwhelmed.

Curry stated, “We struck a middle ground. They received Apple Watches from us.

The Apple Watch is a useful tool for parents who are attempting to strike a balance between their desire for safety and their children’s screen usage. It allows parents to watch over their children without continually checking their phones.

Early Fame Exposure of Riley Curry

Riley’s parents, Ayesha and Stephen Curry, have said that they regret exposing her to stardom at such a young age. Riley’s cute antics during her father’s games propelled her to social media fame at a young age. The Currys now acknowledge that they were hasty in opening up their daughter’s life to the public.

Ayesha Curry admitted, “We didn’t really think about it at the moment. We were simply overjoyed that everyone adored her.

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The Currys now understand that Riley’s early exposure to celebrity has some unfavorable effects. She has experienced pressure from being in the spotlight as well as being the victim of cyberbullying.

Stephen Curry stated, “We’re learning as we go. “We want to be certain that we safeguard her.”

Riley is currently receiving a more typical childhood from the Currys. Her use of social media has been restricted, and they are making every effort to keep her out of the public eye.





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