Genius behind success of Warriors dynasty expected to leave franchise

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers is set to leave the dynasty he helped build from scratch since he and the team have not yet reached an agreement on a contract extension.

Although Myers, 48, is regarded as the best general manager in the NBA, Charania writes that Myers and Golden State are “bracing for the likelihood that Myers could walk away from the franchise.”

Since exchanging counter-offers “several months ago,” according to Charania, they have apparently made little progress in contract negotiations.

Myers, whose deal with the Warriors expires on June 30, has been there since 2011 and was successful in building a strong squad around the “Splash Brothers.”

There are rumors that Myers might enter the media, especially after dipping his toes into podcasting this past year, even though several organizations across the league will undoubtedly give him huge contracts to manage their teams.

Over for the Warriors Dynasty?

Just three years after Myers assumed the GM role full-time, the Warriors won their first of four rings over the course of nine seasons.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green continue to be the team’s cornerstone players, but over the years, he has also added important cogs to the machine, including Andrew Wiggins and, of course, Kevin Durant.

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Even if Myers left, Golden State’s core is anticipated to remain the same. Thoughts about the Warriors’ dynasty’s demise will undoubtedly persist, particularly in light of their early exit from the NBA Playoffs in 2023.

Myers is anticipated to make his decision in the upcoming weeks, and the Warriors dynasty as it is presently set up is losing the brains behind it unless Golden State makes an offer he can’t refuse.


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