Stephen Curry uncertain about future with Jordan Poole & Youngsters

The Western Conference semifinal Game 6 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, 122-101, put an end to the Golden State Warriors’ hopes of retaining their title. The only Warriors starter with more than 10 points was Stephen Curry.

Golden State forward Draymond Green told the media after the game, “We’re not done yet.

Stephen Curry Uncertain of Warriors Future With Jordan Poole & Youngsters

Curry may have told Murdock that Poole is necessary to unite the team’s old and new cores, but it doesn’t imply he is confident in the team’s future. Curry responded that everyone needs to improve but he’s unclear of what the future holds when questioned about Poole and the other young Golden State players following the Warriors’ loss to the Lakers.

“Everybody’s going to get better. Everybody’s going to take the next step. Everybody’s going to learn the lessons that you learned this year and try to put them into use next year,” said Curry. “I don’t know what the opportunity is going to be. I don’t know what the roster will look like. I don’t know what, sitting here right now, what Opening Night is going to look like in terms of who’s going to be asked to do what, but I have a lot of confidence in everybody being able to take advantage of the summer.”

Jordan Poole Breaks Silence on Struggles During Warriors Playoff Run

When questioned about his postseason problems, Poole placed the responsibility on his new job while also pointing out that each playoff run will be unique.

“Probably just a little bit of a role change,” Poole said. “Last year, I could come in, score, be aggressive with the team that we had around being more of a facilitator. Trying to get guys off the ball. Get them easy shots. Throughout the course of the playoffs, we had two really good defensive teams that we played. Just trying to find ways to facilitate, get inside. It’s not always about scoring. It’s about finding ways to try to help her team be successful. I think every playoffs will be different. Everything won’t be the same. And like I said, you learn from that, grow from that, and apply it to your skill set.”





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