REPORT: Draymond Green could be traded to Detroit Pistons

The Golden State Warriors may need to make some significant decisions in the upcoming offseason, as has been widely reported. They have thus far been willing to pay their players regardless of the financial costs, but next summer it may be all but impossible.

Contract extensions are owed to Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole. The Warriors’ tax burden might start to get close to $500 million if they paid all four of them. No team has even been close to that territory previously, so it just seems impossible.

They might then be compelled to think about signing and trading one or more of their best stars. Additionally, Golden State might decide to put a line in the sand because Green is rumored to be targeting a max contract for next season. Additionally, an Eastern Conference executive who talked with Sean Deveney of claimed that Green could end up with the Detroit Pistons.

Here is a draft of the suggested agreement; bear in mind that Detroit would have enough cash on hand to pay Green in full, so Golden State probably wouldn’t have much negotiating power.

Kelly Olynyk, Alec Burks, and a 2027 second-round pick go to the Warriors.
Green received by Pistons

It’s crucial to emphasize once more that the Pistons would not necessarily have to trade with the Warriors. Anything the Warriors receive in exchange should be regarded as a bonus as they will have sufficient funds to sign Green regardless.

However, this is less about the deal and more about the possibility that Green would voluntarily decide to move to Detroit from Golden State. Although it’s strange to consider Green playing somewhere other than the Warriors, insiders claim that he’s always wanted to play for Detroit.

Green Has Always Wanted to Play in Detroit

The person who spoke with Deveney claims that Green has always desired to play for the Pistons at some point. Green, who is from Saginaw, Michigan, has always supported the Pistons. He looked up to Ben Wallace, and like any basketball player, he would have considered it a dream come true to play for his local team.

“Draymond has always wanted to go there, he has always wanted to play for the Pistons. And they’ll have the cap space. It’s hard to see Draymond playing anywhere else outside Golden State but if it going to happen anywhere, Detroit would be a good bet,” the executive told Deveney.

The Pistons might be prepared to start vying for playoff spots by the end of the next summer. They have a fantastic youthful core, led by Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, and Saddiq Bey. It would be fantastic if Green could mentor those guys.
The sentiment is also highly reciprocal.

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Pistons Want to Land Green

According to the executive, Green not only wants to play for the Pistons, but the Pistons also want to sign Green. Owner of the Pistons Tom Gore has long stated a desire to sign Green and bring him to Detroit.

“Detroit has always wanted Draymond on that team, (owner Tom) Gores has always wished they had gotten him in that (2012) draft in the second round (Green was gone when the Pistons picked, and they took Khris Middleton),” the executive explained to Deveney. Gores is a Michigan State guy, and they wanted to give Draymond an offer sheet when he was a free agent (in 2015), but by then, the Warriors were going to match any offer. So they just have not had the chance. If they can show some improvement this year with their young guys, they could get themselves in the mix.”

So, the Pistons might be ready to swoop in and snag Green if the Warriors hesitate to extend him a max offer sheet next summer.





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