Andrew Wiggins tells truth about failed Warriors season

The Golden State Warriors missed the playoffs entirely in 2023 following their elimination in the second round. The Warriors were forced to return home far sooner than they had planned after losing to the Sacramento Kings in the play-in round.

Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins opened out about this disappointing Warriors season in a recent interview with Sportsnet, claiming that Golden State dug themselves a hole from which they were never able to fully emerge.

“We were up and down a little bit this season,” Wiggins said. “That can do it. I feel like we were never really in a great rhythm. I didn’t start the season off well. I didn’t think I had a good start to the first half of the season. I started picking it up at the end. If we played how we did that second half of the season – from January on – at the beginning, I feel like it would have been a totally different season.”

Wiggins added, “I just feel like the start of the season, we dug ourselves a hole we were trying to get out of.”

For Golden State, this was an annoying reality since, despite their occasional positive indicators during the season, they were always up against an impassable obstacle. It goes without saying that Golden State is having a big summer.






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