Update on Golden State Warriors’ NBA offseason plans revealed

The Golden State Warriors’ approach to this offseason will reveal a lot about their real goals for the upcoming campaign. The team’s stated objective is to develop a championship contender around Steph Curry, but this present group is a long way from that.

Klay Thompson’s free agency is currently far from predictable, but breaking up the three of Curry, Draymond Green, and Thompson is not a necessary step on the road to Golden State being a contender once more.

In a recent report, Anthony Slater of The Athleticwrote, “There isn’t anything imminent or even deep in the works, but transaction days are fast approaching. Indications remain that the Warriors’ front office intends to be aggressive and willing to shake up the core, feeling that this group was given a chance to stick together this past trade deadline and it didn’t even result in a playoff berth.”

Although this does not imply that the Warriors will part ways with their core group, it does indicate that the team is prepared to go to any lengths to assemble the finest squad possible. Curry and Green are almost a lock to stay together in Golden State the next season, but Thompson’s future appears to rely on what he is prepared to re-sign for.

After sitting out a good portion of the previous season, Thompson experienced both high points and low points in his new role with the Warriors. It appears that all of these will come up during this summer’s contract negotiations.






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