Warriors’ Stephen Curry reveals big plan after NBA Career ends

Steph Curry, the star of the Golden State Warriors, appears to have a few more elite NBA seasons left in him. It’s unclear how long Curry intends to play NBA basketball, but it doesn’t appear like he will be slowing down anytime soon.

Nevertheless, Curry recognizes that his post-basketball days are drawing near at the age of 36. Curry recently stated in an interview with Max Adler of Golf Digest that he hopes to play on the PGA Tour Champions after his basketball career is finished. The top players fifty years of age or older compete on the PGA Tour Champions, a professional senior circuit. Curry told Golf Digest that he wanted to be eligible in 14 years, despite the fact that he still has that as a goal.

“I don’t know what the path is,” Curry said. “All I know is, when I’m done with basketball, I’m going to reasonably invest as much into my golf as I can to see how good I can get, and where that puts me 14 years from now, we’ll see.”

Curry is already a very good golfer, and his game will only improve with more time spent on his second love, tennis. Curry does have one post-basketball objective in mind, but for the time being, his main goal is to win more titles with the Warriors.






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