Warriors’ Stephen Curry set to pass 4,000 threes next NBA season

For the past fifteen years, the Golden State Warriors have been led by the best shooter in history, whose skill has never ceased to astound.

Because he poses a danger from practically every position on the court, Stephen Curry is both admired and feared by opponents the moment he crosses half-court. His ability to shoot three points is unmatched, and he will break yet another record the following season.

With 3,747 made threes in his career, he is currently 774 ahead of Ray Allen, the player in second position who previously held the top spot. Based on the number of three-pointers he makes each season, Curry is probably going to break 4,000 for his career this coming season.

With 357 three-pointers made this season, Curry was able to lead the NBA in that category as well. Should he be able to repeat that feat, reaching the 4,000 mark would come with ease.

Curry is one of the best point guards in basketball history, if not the greatest, for the simple reason that he is still performing at the age of thirty-six. He will be in an even higher league than he is now if he can make more than 4,000 three-pointers.





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