Stephen Curry and Warriors RUINED Kevin Durant’s legacy, claims analyst

On the episode “Get Up,” ESPN’s Zach Lowe questioned whether Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors was the worst move of his career.

Because of the team’s dominance, KD might not have gotten the accolades he deserved despite winning two Finals and two MVP awards. In addition, Kevin Durant has not progressed past the second round of the playoffs since departing the Dubs in 2019. Two of his teams—including the Minnesota Timberwolves—have been swept in the opening round.

I think he’s realized that, his people realized that, he feels that, and he’s been a wayward soul since that. I wonder, if he went back to that moment and Golden State was not an option for him, if he could have made his own path in a way that was more sustainable. Zach Lowe said

Regretfully, Durant has a strange roster and flawed teammates surrounding him. The contracts of Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal total more than $150 million a year, which leaves his current team, the Phoenix Suns, with little room to grow.

According to Lowe, Durant’s career might have gone in a different direction if he hadn’t joined the Warriors, possibly resulting in more long-term success and fame. Questions concerning Durant’s legacy and capacity to guide a team to championship victory in the absence of a dominant squad like the Warriors are raised by his ongoing problems in the postseason.

Kevin Durant back to the Golden State Warriors proposed

When Kevin Durant asked for a trade when he was still with the Brooklyn Nets, there were rumors that the Golden State Warriors were interested in making a deal for him. However, in the end, he was acquired by the Phoenix Suns. But according to a recent fictitious trade scenario put forth by Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, there may still be hope for a return to the Dubs.

In the fictitious deal, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, and two first-round picks—including the No. 1 pick—would be sent to the Warriors in return for Durant. Even though the Warriors have little chance of winning the lottery, this situation is implausible, but the team might still ask Durant if he is available this summer.

But it doesn’t appear like the Suns will let Durant go anytime soon, which makes a reunion with the Warriors doubtful. Nevertheless, it’s an intriguing notion that Durant would rejoin the team that gave him his two championships, and it would be a huge storyline for the NBA offseason.





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