NBA insider reveals Warriors’ big Off-Season plans

The Golden State Warriors have been a mainstay in the NBA playoffs for the last ten years. It is rare for them to have been removed from consideration before to May.

Because of this, Ramona Shelburne of ESPN believes the Warriors may go “big-game hunting” in the free-agent signing window. When Shelburne revealed this gem, she was a guest on “Willard & Dibs” on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco.

“Last time I was on the show with you I mentioned I thought they’d go big-game hunting, I still think that, that’s how [the Warriors] roll. Let’s see what they’re able to pull off. They’re going to have to get creative, they’re going to have to work hard for it. I don’t see any world in which they trot back out the same team and hope it goes better,” Shelburne said on the show 

Even though Golden State’s last championship run was just two years ago, this prediction ought to invigorate the Bay Area fan base. Despite winning 46 games this season, the Warriors’ performance was only good enough for tenth place in the Western Conference.

In an attempt to contend seriously for a repeat championship, the Warriors are now focusing on rebuilding around Stephen Curry following their elimination at the hands of their rival, the Sacramento Kings, of Northern California, in the play-in round.

“I think they make some changes and try to get this team better. You just don’t have a guy like Steph Curry on your team and a mediocre cast around him. You just don’t do that,” she added.






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