Stephen Curry pressures Warriors to “Figure Out” roster trades

Stephen Curry, the standout player for the Golden State Warriors, gave a fascinating indication about his team’s upcoming offseason following a disappointing season that saw them miss the playoffs, when he was named the NBA’s Clutch Player of the Year on Thursday night.

Curry discussed his thinking and achievements in crucial situations, emphasizing the value of maintaining composure in the face of setbacks to develop the necessary mindset for the crucial play to be made when the opportunity presents itself.

“You’ve got to be able to deal with failure,” Curry said. “You have to be OK with the shot you miss, and have a short memory with it. I don’t know if anything clicked other than you know how much time you’ve put into the game and with that comes deserved confidence of, ‘OK, I’m ready for whatever moment you find yourself in, or whatever shot you need to take.’

“Everybody remembers the highlights and whatnot, but there’s plenty of shots that you miss where you’re like, ‘Yeah, that was a good one I should have taken, and you move onto the next.’ You have to have a little amnesia built in there, and that’s the only way you can come back with that type of confidence.”

Regarding failure, Curry discussed his thoughts on TNT regarding the Warriors’ inability to make the playoffs, raising the possibility of significant winter roster adjustments for the group.

“I mean, the sad part was just missing three wins to get out of the play-in and have yourself in a playoff series,” Curry said, “where even like the game against Sacramento in the play-in tournament, you’re looking at, ‘OK, we’re down 0-1 and we can find a way to game-plan to get back in the series.’ Obviously early in the year we had a lot of missteps and absences, but you realize we’re not that far off even after staying at this peak for so long.

“There’s some tweaks, we know,” Curry explained. “When you lose, you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘What can we do to get better? What holes can we fill?’ And, thankfully, we have some time to figure that out. We’re going to figure that out over the summer.”

Many important aspects on the Warriors roster, including Klay Thompson’s impending free agency and a number of underperforming players, could be changed this summer by the front office in an effort to get better for the 2024–25 campaign.





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