Rumor: Warriors would like to move on from Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors’ 2023–24 NBA season is now officially concluded, and they will focus on the 2024 summer. The franchise may be about to make some significant changes because it’s obvious that their current setup isn’t championship-caliber.

The future of Klay Thompson has garnered a lot of attention in the short space of a few days. Thompson’s future with the team is uncertain as he will be a free agent this summer. He isn’t ready to talk about it just yet because he got upset with a reporter for asking him about it rather than concentrating on the recently finished season.

Even if Thompson’s impact has decreased from the two seasons he missed due to injury, he can still win several games for a team. It will be intriguing to see if the Warriors are able to keep him or if Golden State’s Big 3 era comes to an end on Tuesday night.

Recent sources suggest that this was the final time Thompson, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry dressed together. That trio will be disbanded if Golden State gets their wish, but they have no intention of moving on from Thompson.

Rather, it is Green. A source who talked with NBA Analysis Network claims that Golden State wants to let go of Green. They would act quickly to take action if the proper opportunity came along.

“They’re ready to move on from Draymond. If they can get something done that makes sense, they wouldn’t hesitate to move on,” the source said.

In the 2023 NBA summer, Green signed a $100 million, four-year contract with the Warriors as a free agent. It won’t be simple to pay off the contract’s remaining $77.6 million and three years.

The NBA punished Green twice this season due to things he did and said while on the court. The Warriors tolerated such kinds of infractions because they understood the value he brought to their on-court performance.

Will other clubs be ready to give Green such a leash now that his output is declining? or perhaps be prepared to assume the chance that he will be suspended after getting into another fight? It would have to be the ideal circumstance, but as history has shown, if a group is driven enough to work together, a deal can generally be reached.





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