Klay Thompson breaks silence on Warriors future after Play-In loss

After the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Play-In Tournament, rumors regarding the team began to circulate. Fans were questioning a number of rotational calls, and there was intense focus on the performances of a few individuals. Although head coach Steve Kerr has demonstrated his ability to recover from a season such as this one, other players on the team are not afforded the same luxury. For example, Klay Thompson received a lot of flames.

To put it mildly, the second splash brother’s performance wasn’t the best. There were Warriors supporters who began to wonder if they should even consider adding him back to the team. According to Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports, Klay Thompson was probed about the uncertainty of his future and may have even lost his cool.

“What’s up with you all not wanting to live in the present, bro? To be honest, I really have not given it much thought because of what you previously said about the season we had and how much commitment it takes to play the games we did and give our all. So, I really have not thought about that deep into the future because I still need to process the year we had. It was one filled with ups and downs,” the Warriors shooting guard said.

Of all the people in Steve Kerr’s system, Klay Thompson had to acclimate the fastest. Rather than being the team’s regular starter, he was sent to the bench as their sixth player. There were occasions when he outperformed Stephen Curry in terms of numbers. Still, his Warriors season was largely characterized by inconsistent play. One of such moments was his effort against the Kings in the NBA Play-In.

Thompson’s horrid production for the Warriors

being an NBA team with a lower seed With a play-in tournament, the season consists of just one game that needs to be won to advance. For the Warriors, it was either do or die. They had to defeat the Kings or face an unhappy conclusion to their season. Steve Kerr, the coach, needed a strong scorer off the bench. For them, Moses Moody was the one. Despite playing for only 15 minutes, he scored 16 points.

It was anticipated that Thompson, not Moody, would fill this job. The minutes that were allotted made it clear that they had high expectations for him. After spending thirty-two minutes on the court, he accomplished nothing. Despite making 10 attempts at field goals and six three-pointers, Thompson was scoreless at the end of the game.

Against the Kings, Thompson managed four rebounds and one assist. However, that was the only assistance he could provide. In the third minute of the fourth quarter, the Warriors’ season came to an end. No one could step up, and they were outclassed. It was an enjoyable ride, if this really is the end for the Warriors dynasty.





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