Charles Barkley throws serious shade at Warriors’ Klay Thompson

Longtime star Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors is a target of Charles Barkley’s jokes, but he always does it in a lighthearted fashion.

Barkley jokingly hinted that the aging Thompson would start delivering for DoorDash around a year ago.

Recently, following Thompson’s poor shooting performance (0 for 10) in what might have been his last game as a Warrior, Barkley was unable to hold back when taking another shot at the Golden State player.

Barkley joked that the 34-year-old Thompson might not have the same impact he had in his prime years even if the Warriors chose to bench him. He even made a suggestion that the Warriors would have to let Thompson walk as a free agent due to upcoming obstacles.

“Klay’s not going to get younger. He’s not gonna get better. He’s gonna make less money but he ain’t gonna get no better. Older people don’t get — sports ain’t for old people. They’re for young people.”

However, Steve Kerr, the coach of the Warriors, is still upbeat about Thompson’s future with the group. Kerr thinks Thompson still has a lot to provide and shouldn’t be written off just yet, even after their recent loss to Sacramento in the play-in game.

If Thompson’s time with the Warriors came to an end on Tuesday, he would have left an amazing legacy. Over the course of 13 seasons (including two redshirt years), Thompson has participated in 793 regular-season games and 158 playoff games for the Bay Area squad. He has averaged an amazing 19.6 points per game while shooting 41.3 percent from beyond the arc.

Having said that, it will be intriguing to watch what the Golden State Warriors decide to do with Klay Thompson throughout the summer. Will they move on or will he stay in the area for another year? Time will tell.





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