Stephen Curry takes shot at Steve Kerr for Reducing Minutes

The NBA season of 2023–24 for the Golden State Warriors is in shaky shape. The Warriors may not even have a chance to qualify for a postseason position this season, but they are currently one game ahead of the Houston Rockets for the final spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament in the Western Conference.

Golden State has not been playing particularly well lately; in fact, their Sunday night loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves was their sixth defeat in their previous nine games and their second straight. Golden State is in a situation that they haven’t been in frequently throughout the Big 3 era, and frustrations are growing.

The fact that head coach Steve Kerr chose to restrict superstar Stephen Curry’s playing time was one of the main lessons learned from the Sunday defeat. Kerr’s move-making plan, if any, did not work out as the Warriors fell short, falling 114–110 to move just one game ahead of the Rockets.

Curry discussed the choice to play him with fewer minutes after the game. He was not pleased with it since he felt that Kerr was to blame for his choice.

“I want to play as many minutes as I’m fresh and able to, so a little bit,” Curry said when asked if his extended time on the bench surprised him. “Knowing that they were just getting on a run. The lead was kind of whittling away.”

Curry was replaced by Draymond Green and Chris Paul with 4:07 left in the third quarter and Golden State leading 69-65. Curry was curiously kept off the field until 6:54 of the game remained, at which point Golden State was behind 97-89.

“We’ve got to find somewhere in the middle,” Curry said.

Head coaches are fired for a performance like this—a 12-point swing when your best player is benched. Curry was obviously against it, and the outcomes are self-explanatory.

With Curry on the court for 29:51 of the game, the Warriors were +6. If Curry had just played the 32.7 minutes per game he has averaged this season, it is easy to see how things may have turned out.

“The situation will define itself pretty clearly,” Curry said. “And it kind of is, in real time. Every game matters. We’re inching closer to the other side of the standings we never thought we’d be in. Nobody’s going to wave the white flag and say we’re mailing it in. If that means playing more minutes, I’ll be ready to do that.”

Kerr made a poor tactical decision that ultimately cost his team the game. Curry said that kind of defeat can make or break a season, particularly given how closely the Western Conference’s NBA Play-In Tournament rankings are now clustered.

Curry’s statement that he wants to play more minutes if it will benefit the team is admirable because he understands what it takes to win. Golden State needs Kerr on the court as much as possible to stay competitive, so he should take that advise from his star player if he wants to stay healthy and avoid missing the postseason.





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