Steve Kerr unveils a fresh strategy for the Warriors’ lineup

As the regular season winds down, the Golden State Warriors are focused on finishing strong. Coach Steve Kerr is tweaking the team’s rotation to boost their chances of winning games and to get various players ready for the playoffs. Kerr discussed this strategy after the team’s victory against the Milwaukee Bucks, outlining his intention to give Trayce Jackson-Davis more playing time in the upcoming games.

Kerr expressed the challenge of managing an 11-player rotation, acknowledging that it’s difficult to maintain. He mentioned the intention to increase Trayce Jackson-Davis’s playing time, which might lead to a reduction to a 10-player rotation. Kerr highlighted the team’s efforts to experiment with various player combinations, noting that they’ve gathered substantial data on different lineup configurations.

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Regarding Kevon Looney, who may see a decrease in playing time due to Trayce Jackson-Davis’s expanded role, Kerr emphasized Looney’s importance in the playoffs. Kerr mentioned the necessity of having Looney available for specific matchups, expressing confidence in his abilities. However, Kerr stressed the need to prioritize Jackson-Davis’s development for the postseason by giving him more playing time and opportunities to gain experience.

Kerr further commented on Jackson-Davis’s performance, noting his skill in scoring and shot-blocking, which adds a unique dimension to the team’s play. He mentioned the decision to increase Jackson-Davis’s minutes and also elevate Moses Moody’s role. Kerr praised both players for their impressive contributions during the game.






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