Kerr’s bold stance suggests the Warriors are playoff-ready

Less than six weeks ago, the Golden State Warriors experienced their lowest point of the season, dropping five games below .500. Draymond Green had just returned from his suspension, and it wasn’t until shortly before the All-Star break that Steve Kerr solidified the team’s starting lineup and rotations. Additionally, the team is still grieving the loss of assistant coach Dejan Milojevic, who passed away on January 17th.

Amidst a tumultuous regular season marked by personal tragedy and widespread basketball changes, the Golden State Warriors are not only still in contention but thriving as they enter the crucial stretch. Despite a recent significant loss to the league-leading Boston Celtics, the team is performing exceptionally well at the perfect moment, largely thanks to their unwavering collective strength and commitment.

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“Before Wednesday’s matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, Kerr expressed pride in the team’s resilience amidst adversity, highlighting their strong camaraderie. Despite currently holding the tenth spot in the competitive Western Conference with a record of 32-28, they’re within striking distance of the sixth-place Phoenix Suns. Even without their recent impressive performances, they would still be in a favorable position for the play-in tournament. With 22 games remaining, they are five games ahead of the Utah Jazz and five-and-a-half ahead of the Houston Rockets.”

The Warriors still have a journey ahead to establish themselves as genuine championship contenders. Their struggles earlier in the season, largely due to lineup changes and Green’s suspensions, have hindered their credibility. To earn recognition as top contenders, they’ll need to either surpass the play-in tournament or secure a victory against one of the top seeds in the Western Conference playoffs. Until then, their status will rightly be questioned by basketball enthusiasts.

The remarkable midseason transformation of the Golden State Warriors underscores the potential for continued growth and optimism. Just over a month ago, they were largely dismissed by many. As the playoffs approach, they have become a team that others would prefer to avoid facing in April. Whether they can sustain their recent surge and emerge as a genuine postseason threat remains to be seen, but their impressive performance since late January suggests they shouldn’t be underestimated.






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