Draymond Green’s Clear Thoughts on Bob Myers

Absolutely, Bob Myers, the general manager of the Golden State Warriors, played a significant role in building the team’s success alongside Stephen Curry’s brilliance on the court. He made crucial decisions in drafting key players, orchestrating trades, and constructing a team that complemented Curry’s skills perfectly. Myers’ contributions behind the scenes were instrumental in the Warriors’ dominance in the NBA.

Bob Myers’ ability to maintain the cohesion of the Warriors’ championship core and handle the dynamic personalities within the team, particularly Draymond Green, speaks volumes about his leadership and management skills. Green’s acknowledgment of Myers’ impact on his career highlights the profound influence Myers had not just on player transactions but also on personal and professional development. If Green believes Myers deserves recognition alongside the team’s greats, it speaks to the depth of Myers’ contributions to the Warriors’ success.

Bob Myers’ departure from the Golden State Warriors indeed marks the end of an era for the team, and opinions may vary on whether it was a strategic move or a natural progression in his career. However, his legacy as one of the most successful general managers in recent NBA history is undeniable.

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Given his contributions to the Warriors’ dynasty, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other teams expressing interest in acquiring his talents. Regardless of his future endeavors, honoring Myers with recognition at the CHASE Center would be a fitting tribute to his impact on the franchise.





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