Wiggins returns to the Warriors, but the personal matter remains unresolved

Andrew Wiggins came back to the Bay Area on Monday, reunited with the Warriors for practice on Tuesday, and is set to play on Wednesday. Should he have to depart again on Thursday, it will be supported and acknowledged.

If any member of the team faces a significant family issue requiring their absence, it will be supported and understood.

Coach Steve Kerr emphasized the priority of life over basketball, stating after Tuesday’s practice, “I don’t prioritize basketball over life. If any of our players have a personal situation with their family, they will be there.”

“We prioritize everyone’s well-being and giving them the necessary space, and that principle guides our approach.”

Wiggins’ absence lasted a week, during which he missed four games, with the team winning three. Despite his absence for personal reasons, the Warriors had a successful road trip.

Notably, Wiggins, the team’s starting small forward, stayed involved during his time away. He maintained his engagement by working out and keeping up with the team’s progress during their Eastern Conference road trip to Washington, New York, Toronto, and Boston, expressing approval of their performance.

“We’re gaining momentum,” Wiggins remarked. “We’ve discovered something positive – an identity we’ve been seeking. We’ve assembled effective pieces, and it’s been remarkable in the last few games. Everyone is performing at a high level, uniting, and embodying the true essence of the Golden State Warriors.”

The authentic Golden State Warriors boast a roster brimming with capable contributors, showcasing their peak performance during the crucial juncture of the regular season. They believe they possess the strength to make a substantial impact in the playoffs, while also prioritizing the personal needs of every member of the team, despite having the NBA’s highest payroll.

Wiggins’ return undoubtedly enhances the team’s prospects. Despite a less-than-stellar first half of the season by his standards, he has tallied double figures in scoring in 14 of his last 16 games, all while showcasing exceptional perimeter defense.

Wiggins’ resurgence as the true Andrew Wiggins has notably bolstered the Warriors’ performance.

That’s why he is expected to play, likely starting, on Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks at Chase Center.

“We have confidence in him,” Kerr affirmed. “We’ll monitor his minutes. It’s hard to replicate an NBA game while away, so we’ll assess his condition. But physically, he’s fit to play tomorrow.”

Although neither Wiggins nor Kerr disclosed the specifics of his absence, it evidently impacted him enough to temporarily step away from his responsibilities.

“Just attending to personal matters and fulfilling my obligations,” Wiggins commented on his time away. “I believe now is the right time to return. That’s how I felt. So, I’m back with the team and ready to contribute.”

There are valid concerns regarding Wiggins’ mental state. Can he maintain complete focus on his basketball duties throughout the game? Is he mentally prepared to handle the challenges that may arise and perform at a high level?

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Just as in any profession, some individuals may struggle to stay focused on their tasks when dealing with personal stressors. This can also be true for athletes in various sports.

However, Wiggins finds solace in the supportive environment of his workplace. “Being with the team, there’s a sense of love and encouragement,” he expressed. “It feels like a family here. During my absence, I missed being around the guys and playing basketball. I’m delighted to be back.”

Wiggins’ happiness is tempered with caution and contingent upon certain conditions. Past experiences have taught him that circumstances can change abruptly. This was evident when asked on Tuesday if the issue had been resolved.

“Not entirely,” he responded. “But I’ll approach it one day at a time.”

There may come a point—whether this week, next week, or next month—when Wiggins faces another decision: to remain with his teammates or prioritize his family once again. However, he finds comfort in knowing that whichever choice he makes will be supported and accepted.





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