When can we expect Andrew Wiggins to come back to Golden State?

Andrew Wiggins has once again been called away from basketball due to a personal matter. When can we expect his return?

Before the Warriors’ recent game against the Knicks at MSG, Coach Steve Kerr informed reporters that Wiggins is dealing with a personal issue, which will be kept private. NBA insider Shams Charania has since revealed that Wiggins is handling a significant family matter.

Charania stated, “I’m told Andrew Wiggins is dealing and tending to a serious family matter right now.” The Warriors are respecting his need for space and time. They anticipate his return during this season but acknowledge the challenging process he’s going through.

Wiggins’ absence due to family issues may evoke concerns among some Golden State fans.

During the last instance when Wiggins faced personal challenges, he was absent for two months, missing crucial games for the Warriors last season.

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After weeks of speculation, it was revealed that Wiggins’ father was facing a serious medical situation.

Some, like 95.7 The Game’s Dan Dibey, believe this could mark the end of Wiggins’ time with the Warriors. “I think it’s over,” Dibley said recently. “He will never be a Warrior again. I think the year is over. I think they get to the offseason and find a way to part ways.”

However, Sports NBC’s Monte Poole argues that the franchise is taking the right approach by allowing Wiggins to be away from the team, and he believes it won’t impact his future.

“The Warriors are doing the right thing,” Poole said. “The moral compass of this franchise exists largely through the words and deeds of Stephen Curry and Kerr, who share an exemplary sense of perspective that spans the human spectrum. So, as much as the Warriors would like to have Wiggins with them, they know he is where he should be. His family needs him more than they do.”





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