Warriors’ last-minute game plan highlights the extent of their decline

The Golden State Warriors faced a crushing loss against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. One notable topic of discussion after the game was their strategy of giving Jaylen Brown space at the three-point line. During his post-game press conference, Draymond Green disclosed that the Warriors had decided on this approach just 15 minutes before the game started.

The Warriors wrapped up a successful four-game road trip with three victories before facing the Celtics. Despite their prior wins, Steve Kerr was fully aware of the upcoming challenge posed by the Celtics, who were regarded as the top team in the NBA. Kerr understood that it was imperative to have a well-thought-out game plan in place.

In professional sports, flexibility is crucial as plans often need adjustments and strategies require tweaking. However, assembling a comprehensive game plan to counter the league’s best team just moments before the game is considered inadequate preparation. Boston’s exceptional talent and skill level make it unlikely for such last-minute planning to yield positive results. There’s a clear distinction between incorporating adjustments into an existing game plan and hastily constructing one on the spot.

In the first half, it seemed like the Warriors’ defensive strategy was focused on challenging Brown to take outside shots, and he capitalized by making 5 out of 10 attempts from beyond the arc.

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Once considered the pinnacle of the NBA, the Warriors have shown signs of aging and decline this season. However, their lack of preparation in this game represents a new low for the franchise.

Perhaps this loss will serve as a wake-up call for the team if they aspire to return to contention in the league.





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