Steve Kerr gets painfully honest on his decision that hurt Warriors

The Golden State Warriors would most likely want nothing more right now than to get out of Boston. The squad recently lost to the Boston Celtics by 52 points, which is the fourth-worst loss in the team’s history. This was mostly caused by the fact that their game plan failed miserably early in the first half.

Golden State’s defensive strategy on Sunday, according to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, was centered on blocking lanes of travel and making sure that no easy baskets were made in the shaded lane. But as a result, the team was able to give Jaylen Brown a lot of offensive room. The winger for the Celtics made the most of it, scoring 19 of his 29 points in the first quarter alone.

After the game, Kerr talked about his choice to sag off of Brown.

“You try different things. You have to pick your matchups,” Kerr said, per WEEI’s Justin Turpin. “We wanted Draymond (Green) to be able to help on drives and make sure that we weren’t giving up easy stuff in the paint.”

Given that Jaylen Brown made all five of his three-pointers in the opening quarter, the Warriors may decide to abandon their defensive strategy from Sunday going forward. The Dubs had already fallen down by 44 points at the interval.

Kerr also discussed how the Warriors were harmed throughout the game by Boston’s 42 fastbreak points.

“The killer was the transition (points) from the beginning all the way until the end. They got 42 transition points so you’re not winning a game with that lack of defensive awareness.”

For Golden State, all in all, Sunday was a forgettable day. They’ll be up against it again on Wednesday when they play home to the Milwaukee Bucks.






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