Stephen A. Smith Unleashed a Rant of the century against The Warriors

On Sunday, the Boston Celtics delivered a stunning defeat to the Golden State Warriors, securing a commanding 52-point victory, which stands out as one of the largest winning margins in the NBA this season. By halftime, the Warriors were already trailing by 44 points, with the Celtics leading 82-38 in a game that had been tied 21-21 at one stage. During ESPN’s halftime show, Stephen A. Smith predictably criticized the Warriors.

It appeared as though he was incredulous, unable to believe what he was witnessing.

Fans, much like Smith, were astounded by the dismal performance of the Warriors against the Celtics. However, Golden State coach Steve Kerr remained unruffled after the victory, expressing his readiness to “flush it down the toilet” and focus on the next game.






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