Jaylen Brown calls Warriors leaving him open from 3 “disrespectful”

In an unusual move, the Golden State Warriors chose not to closely defend Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown during their game on 3/3. Despite being guarded by Draymond Green, known as one of the NBA’s top defenders, Brown was left open multiple times, with Green daring him to take shots from beyond the arc.

This strategy backfired for the Warriors, as Brown capitalized on the opportunity, making 5 out of 10 three-point attempts in the Celtics’ decisive 52-point victory at home.

Brown expressed feeling slighted by the lack of defensive pressure, stating, “It was a little disrespectful to me.” However, he remained focused on his game and credited his teammates for their support, emphasizing the importance of making the right plays and involving others on the team. He asserted his commitment to continue performing at a high level but emphasized not to underestimate his capabilities.

Brown concluded the game against the Warriors with an impressive 29 points, shooting 11-of-19 from the field, 5-of-10 from three-point range, and a perfect 2-of-2 from the free-throw line. This stellar performance contributed to the Boston Celtics’ victory. With a remarkable record of 48-12, the Celtics currently hold the best record in the NBA and have extended their winning streak to 11 consecutive games.

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Brown expressed his surprise at the Warriors’ strategy, acknowledging that it caught him and everyone off guard. He speculated that it might have been a psychological tactic on their part. However, instead of being deterred, it fueled his determination both offensively and defensively. Brown admitted that he felt personally targeted by the Warriors’ unusual approach and responded by delivering an exceptional performance on the court, akin to how they might defend players like Ben Simmons or Russell Westbrook.

Brown expressed satisfaction in the Celtics’ ability to overpower opponents, but he also emphasized the importance of humility. He acknowledged that any team could face similar challenges and that they don’t take their success for granted. The Celtics approach each game with seriousness and respect, understanding the potential for any team to pose a threat. Brown emphasized that they handle their business with humility rather than arrogance, showing respect for the game and their opponents. Despite their success, there is still a level of reverence for formidable teams like the Golden State Warriors, but Brown believes it’s their time to shine now.





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