NBA insider believes Andrew Wiggins has likely played his final game with The Warriors

During his recent break from play, the future of Warriors’ player Andrew Wiggins is uncertain. While coach Steve Kerr anticipates Wiggins’ return before the season concludes, some speculate that he may not play for the team again. Dan Dibley from 95.7 The Game expressed doubts, suggesting Wiggins might not continue with the Warriors. Wiggins’ indefinite absence, attributed to a “personal family matter,” lacks further explanation. This absence echoes a similar situation last season when Wiggins missed around a month for the same reason, and upon his return, his performance declined significantly.

Now, it’s uncertain how long Wiggins will remain sidelined, and there’s a growing belief across the league that he may not return before the season ends. With two prolonged absences within a year, concerns have arisen regarding Andrew Wiggins’ dedication to the game and his availability going forward. The uncertainty surrounding his future with the Warriors has intensified as they seek to reshape the roster around Steph Curry during the upcoming summer. Even before this extended break, Wiggins was facing challenges in contributing effectively to the team, and he was involved in various trade rumors leading up to the February deadline.

This season marked a transition for the Golden State Warriors. Initially, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green were the leading figures, and the team’s strategy revolved around their on-court performance. However, when Thompson faced difficulties with his shooting and Green dealt with repercussions from his aggressive behavior, the team’s situation deteriorated. The Warriors suffered significant losses in the standings, hitting a low point before eventually relying on a new core to guide them forward.

Currently, the Warriors have found success with Klay Thompson coming off the bench and Jonathan Kuminga starting as the secondary scorer alongside Steph Curry. However, to navigate through the playoffs successfully, they’ll rely on Andrew Wiggins to step up and perform at his best. Wiggins was nearly an All-Star during their previous title run, and although he has shown glimpses of his potential, he needs to consistently perform at a high level.

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If Wiggins can even partially regain his previous form, it could greatly benefit the Warriors in the postseason. However, there’s speculation that Wiggins might be traded, making his next destination a significant storyline for the summer. If indeed he has played his last game for the Warriors, it’s an unexpected turn of events considering his past successes with the team in 2021.





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