Draymond Green gets heated addressing reporter

Draymond Green retains records.
Following an impressive away victory by his Warriors against the Knicks on Thursday night, Green was asked to be interviewed by NBC Sports Bay Area.
However, he seemed disinterested in conversing with Bonta Hall, the postgame show host. The interview started with Green addressing some of the remarks Hall had made during his suspension earlier in the season.

“Bonta, I’m surprised you’re interviewing me,” Green remarked. “Considering how you spoke about me during my suspension, it’s quite surprising you’re speaking with me now. But go ahead, fire away.”

Clearly caught off guard by Green’s comment, Hill tried to continue the interview by asking Green about his experience playing in Madison Square Garden.
However, Green only offered a brief response, saying, “It’s always a fun game,” and appeared uninterested in elaborating further.

The uncomfortable exchange led to Hill’s co-hosts, former Warriors players Chris Mullin and Festus Ezeli, taking over the interview with Green.

Unfortunately, the interview didn’t end on a positive note, as Green removed his headset and walked off without exchanging pleasantries. This prompted Hill to acknowledge, “He doesn’t like me right now.”

Hill’s criticism of Green stems from December when he questioned the forward’s dedication to the team on his radio show, “The Morning Roast,” on 95.7 The Game.

During that time, Green faced widespread media criticism for his altercation with Suns center Jusuf Nurkic on Dec. 12.

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“I don’t know if he’s going to change,” Hill remarked about Green. “Our culture is fractured right now because of this guy. I think of the young guys… how are they supposed to follow him as a leader?”

While Hill and others had valid reasons to question Green’s behavior last December, it’s evident that the Warriors perform better with Green on the court.

The numbers speak for themselves — since Green’s return from suspension on Jan. 15, the Warriors have a record of 13-6. Additionally, he leads all Warriors players in plus/minus during this period.





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