LeBron James shared his thoughts on the Warriors trade rumor.

After the NBA trade deadline passed, there were reports that various teams, including the Golden State Warriors, attempted to acquire LeBron James from the Los Angeles Lakers. However, when asked about it during an appearance with the “Inside the NBA” panel before Sunday’s All-Star Game in Indiana, James stated that he was unaware of any trade discussions.

“James informed TNT that he learned of it simultaneously with everyone else. He explained that certain discussions occur discreetly, and individuals might remain unaware until the matter is confirmed and presented to them.”

While it might seem unlikely that a player of James’s caliber wouldn’t be aware of trade discussions involving his team, it’s plausible if the Lakers had no intention of considering any offers. However, given the uncertainty surrounding the Hall of Famer’s future after this season, it’s reasonable to question the extent of those discussions.

According to a report by insider Romona Shelburne, the trade discussions were kept under tight wraps and were not intended to be leaked to the public. Recently, James posted an hourglass emoji on social media following a challenging period for the Lakers, possibly hinting at change. The meaning behind his cryptic post is open to interpretation, but it’s evident that time is ticking on the four-time MVP’s career, indicating his desire to win now, whether it’s with the Lakers or another team.

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The Golden State Warriors have previously expressed interest in James, and a recent report suggests they intend to pursue him this offseason. James could enter free agency this summer if he opts out of his player option with the Lakers for the 2024-25 season, valued at $51.4 million. He has until June 29 to make this decision or become eligible to sign with any NBA team.





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