Klay Thompson gets honest about his future with Warriors

The Golden State Warriors remained in place, retaining their core, while other teams made their final NBA trade deadline moves. Although it never looked realistic, Klay Thompson was questioned about the prospect of a trade after Golden State’s victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night due to his performance this season and his contract position.

“I don’t partake in NBA discourse on the internet,” Thompson said. “I think that’s such a waste of energy.”

Naturally, these remarks were made before the deadline, and Thompson was eventually left alone. This was the desired result, as he also expressed his desire to stay in Golden State and was forthright about his future with the Warriors during this media conference.

“You’re right. When questioned about whether staying with the Warriors in the long run is preferred, Thompson responded, “Good assessment.”

How the Warriors can turn this season around internally is one of the main plot points, given that they did not make any significant trades. After Golden State’s victory over Indiana, Steph Curry gave a speech in which he expressed his comfort level with their locker room setup.

Before the deadline, Thompson expressed the same assurance by saying:

“I see Steph Curry. I see Draymond [Green]. I go home and check our playoff record as a trio… I believe. I will always believe.”





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